Reduce File size in PicoScope

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Reduce File size in PicoScope

Post by SebastianD »


Each triggered event file size in picoscope for windows is about 300k on my WinXp operating syetm. I often capture over 20,000.

Is there a simple way to bring these file sizes down to about 50k? I wish to use high sampling rates but don't need high resolution/graphic details.

I can't reduce my Sont S51R LCD screen colours to less than 16k - have heard running at 256 colours may reduce file size.


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Post by markspencer »


Thank you for your post.

The .psd file does not save graphical details, but the settings used during the sampling. ie voltage gain, timebase, unit, etc.

The data that is stored is the time and voltage level. The number of samples that you are taking will be having a direct effect on the size of your file. To reduce the number of samples per scope trace:

Settings | Options | Advanced

In the 'Maximum samples per scope trace' the default value is 2500 readings, however, you could reduce this to achieve a smaller file size.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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