TC08 serial upgrade to TC08 USB problems

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TC08 serial upgrade to TC08 USB problems

Post by zarniwoop »

Can anyone suggest anything here please.
I have used my old TC08 for many years and have been very happy with the performance. I have recently upgraded to the usb version but I now get a driver error when plugging in the component.
I have tried uninstalling the old software and then re-installing new software but it doesn't make a difference. the only way I can get it to install it on a new computer that doesn't have the older software installed first which I did to check the software.
The error I am getting is when I start up the new software is states driver 'tc0832.dll' not found.
The program still starts up but seems to default to my old tc08 serial data logger and when I try to change it to tc08 usb it then tells me there is a procedure calling out encodepointer issue or error inside kernel32.dll and then I get a similiar pop up window stating driver 'usbtc08.dll' inot found

This is driving me crazy, is there any way I can get my new usb tc08 working without reverting to wiping my whole HD.

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Re: TC08 serial upgrade to TC08 USB problems

Post by ziko »

Hi this is because you have the software installed for the Serial TC-08 you need to choose the TC-08(USB). If you have done this already, it could be because it remember the last settings which was for the serial TC-08. These settings still remain even if you have uninstalled the software. So what you would need to do is click on OK on all the pop up windows and then start from fresh and go intto File->New Settings.

Let me know how you get on.

Kind regards

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