HRDLGetTimesAndValues or HRDLGetValues

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HRDLGetTimesAndValues or HRDLGetValues

Post by schor »

Hi there,

I'm a bit confused about which of the following two functions would be more accurate for my topic:
HRDLGetTimesAndValues or

I want to retrieve a sample every 101 mS (at a conversion time set to 100mS) from my ADC24 over a time period of 1 minute. Is it now more accurate to use the prior function to get the samples already with time stamps or use the latter function and handle the time-counting array on my ownr?

Many thanks,

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Re: HRDLGetTimesAndValues or HRDLGetValues

Post by Chris »

PicoLog uses different functions to implement its recording methods, depending upon the parameters that are set for the device.

What you want to achieve could be accomplished using any of the 3 recording methods available.

Using the streaming method will give the most accurate time resolution, as it will use the ADC device's on-board timing.

Using the Single Value (non-blocking) method will use less CPU time, but you will implement the sample interval on the PC, via your code, so this could be less accurate.

Note: the sample interval needs to be greater than the conversion time x the number of channels in use.

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