Trigger Delay function ps4000SetTriggerDelay

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Trigger Delay function ps4000SetTriggerDelay

Post by Nmalan »

This has relevence to the PS4000 series devices

I am trying to implement the ps4000SetTriggerDelay function in my application.
I experience the following:
1) The function does not work if there are no pre-trigger data points set.
2) The delay parameter does not specify the delay in data points in multiples of eight as is mentioned in the user manual. It is in multiples of 1.

The user manual stipulates that this function simply puts off the start of sampling, after a trigger event was identifed, by the number of sample periods as specified in the delay parameter. If my observation(1) is correct then this is not true. I have verified that this function does not work in the PicoScope app if there are no pretrigger points.

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Re: Trigger Delay function ps4000SetTriggerDelay

Post by Chris »

Thank you for your post.

You are correct, the dealy parameter is in multiples of 1, not 8.

Our development team are looking into the issue you found.

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