RH-02 cable extension

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RH-02 cable extension

Post by Jules »

I want to extend the cable of my RH-02 probe to abound 6 or 7 metres. Can I do this without reducing the accuracy significantly?

If so, can I rewire the probe with a longer cable, or should I make an extension cable instead. Does it matter what sort of cable I use?

The probe will be going outdoors, so I'd prefer to extend the cable between the probe and the interface box. Otherwise I'll have to put the interface box outdoors too and use a long serial cable to the PC. If I have to do that, what is the maximum suitable length for a serial cable?

Thanks in advance…

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Re: RH-02 cable extension

Post by PeterF »

There is no definite answer to this one. Extending either cable will probably work if it is done properly with similar cable to the original. At some length, it will be too much and fail but I have no idea at what point that will be!

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