DLL to create a spectrum analyser

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DLL to create a spectrum analyser

Post by Allan » Fri Aug 29, 2003 3:37 am

Hi, i am trying to create a software utilising the spectrum analyser functions instead of a scope. But the adc200_set_timebase takes in only seconds, instead of Hz.

Is there any other functions or dlls that i can use to create a spectrum analyser. Please advise. Thanks


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Post by markspencer » Wed Sep 03, 2003 9:11 am


To generate spectrum analyser functionality you will need to write your own algorithm to calculate the FFT, as the functions provided will only return raw data readings. However, this is possible with the functions provided in the .dll.

I would suggest getting a good book on the FFT, one such book is:

'Understanding the FFT' by Anders E. Zonst

Alternatively, perhaps someone else on the forum can help you.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer


Post by guest » Fri Oct 17, 2003 10:11 am

If I understand correctly the gentleman wants to convert seconds and Frequency

I believe you will find

F (Hz) = 1 / T (time period of signal)


F (Hz) = 1 / 0.1 seconds

F = 10 Hz

reverse the formula to convert in the other direction.

Check out a search on the web for 'Numerical Recipies In C' in that you will find a C algorithim which you can use to calculate an FFT.

The bigger problem you have is in understanding the limitations that occur as a result of sampling and transforming the data....... Good - luck !

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