Scope running, recording pages question

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Scope running, recording pages question

Post by alexhashem »

Hello ,

With the scope running, on the top of screen where it says wave form 1 of 1 or however many pages you've recorded, sometimes the "minus" or page back button won't be highlighted blue. This results in it not recording more than one page, no matter how many times it populated another screen worth of data, it just says wave form 1 of 1.
It does this sometimes, other times it works. Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Scope running, recording pages question

Post by bennog »

This depends on the number of samples on a single screen.
in PS6 the max sample memory would be 100Msamples in PS7 it is 250Msamples (i think)
This is for all channels together (so with 4 channels enabled you have 25Msamples in PS6 and 62,5 M-samples in PS7)
so in PS7 if your width of the screen is 1Msamples then you can hold 62 screens of 1 M-sample when using 4 channels.
If you screen is 62Msamples wide then you can only hold 1 screen in PS7.

I think these limits are lower for the 2000 series scopes !!!


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