PicoSDK cannot connect with PicoScope 3206 MSO

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PicoSDK cannot connect with PicoScope 3206 MSO

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Greetings, I am using the PicoSDK files to run the 3206MSO oscilloscope. I am using Spyder to write the script. Whe I try to open the scope I got the error number 3: PICO_NOT_FOUND. I attached the code below:

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import ctypes

# Cargar la biblioteca DLL
dll_path1 = 'C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\lib/ps3000a.dll'
dll_path2 = 'C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\lib/picoipp.dll'

ps3000a_lib = ctypes.CDLL(dll_path1)
picoipp_lib = ctypes.CDLL(dll_path2)

# Para usar funciones de la biblioteca DLL
# ps3000a_lib.nombre_de_la_funcion()  

handle = ctypes.c_int16()
serial = ctypes.create_string_buffer(b"", 8)
count = ctypes.c_int16()
serials = ctypes.create_string_buffer(b"", 8)
serialLth = ctypes.c_int16()

print("Running EnumerateUnits. Outputs:")
txt = ps3000a_lib.ps3000aEnumerateUnits(ctypes.byref(count), ctypes.byref(serials), ctypes.byref(serialLth))
print("Status code: ", txt,)
print("Nº of ps3000a: ", count.value)
print("Serials: ", serials.value.decode(),"\n")

print("Running OpenUnit. Outputs:")
txt = ps3000a_lib.ps3000aOpenUnit(ctypes.byref(handle),ctypes.byref(serial))
print("Status code: ", txt,"\n")
print("Handle: ", handle.value,)
print("Serial: ", serial.value.decode())
The scope works fine with PicoScope 7 and 6 software. Moreover, when I execute the EnumerateUnits functions it returns a 1 detected scope. Here is the output:

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Running EnumerateUnits. Outputs:
Status code:  0
Nº of ps3000a:  1

Running OpenUnit. Outputs:
Status code:  3 

Handle:  0
Does anyone knows where is the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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