New PicoScope 4824A Connection Issue

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New PicoScope 4824A Connection Issue

Post by seckcm »

I have a PicoScope 4824A purchased ~1 year ago that I can't get working for the first time on two different Windows 10 machines with one connecting successfully to an older PicoScope 4824A. In Device Manager on both machines, the new, problem PicoScope comes up under "Other devices -- WestBridge(! warning)" with the device status "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28) There are no compatible drivers for this device." with front panel LED red.

On one machine, I've installed Picoscope 6.14.68, manually ran the driver installation from "Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\PicoScope6\system", installed PicoScope, and installed PicoSDK_64 with no luck. I've additionally manually specified drivers (PicoScope 4000 Series PC Oscilloscope Version:,,,,, for the WestBridge device also with no luck.

The USB cable with an older 4824A works fine.

Anyone have suggestions or additional debugging steps for this unit?

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Re: New PicoScope 4824A Connection Issue

Post by Gerry »

Hi seckcm,

Sorry for the delay in answering (circumstances have prevented me from answering forum posts for longer than we would prefer). If this still hasn't been resolved yet and you're still looking for an answer, then I would suggest the following:

Installing new divers over old ones can doesn't necessarily solve the problem. A common problem is that a previous driver installation has cause corruption, which you're going to have to undo (which could be compounded by 1 or more driver installations that have been done since then). If so, then you're going to need to uninstall the software (all of it) then use Device Manager (in admin mode) to remove the current driver for the 4000A series, then reboot the machine to check that the driver has been removed. If it hasn't, then uninstall once more with the Device Manager, reboot, and continue (like peeling back the layers of an onion) until there is no driver left. Then, finally, with no driver left, try a clean install.

If this doesn't work, then contact our helpdesk at for further support.


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