continuos storage possible

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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continuos storage possible

Post by Klof »

we have the problem to store Data for 4 channels with at least 8Bit resolution and a sampling rate of 10MS/s for a duration of 3 hours. So at the end we ned to have a file oder more files with 108Billion samplepoints for each channel. Is this possible with PicoScope 4444?


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Re: continuos storage possible

Post by bennog »

you can do this with the SDK in C++ of plain C
and muli threaded 1 thread saving data and 1 thread reading data from the scope.
and some extra tricks I know to get almost realtime performance on Windows.
The save thread need to be low priority and the scope read thread need to be the highest prio.
And windows task switching set to 1 ms in stead of the default 10 ms.

If I have time I will try to write a sample program (usually my time is 0 so don't expect anything soon)

P.S. save data in binary format, conversion to ascii takes too long.


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