Issue when programming DC offset at start

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Issue when programming DC offset at start

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we are writing our own control software for series 3xxx USB scopes.

We see a strange behavior about programming the input DC offset:

The system starts, we setup channel information (level, position,etc), then we to get other status(timebase,datasize... etc), if we set the offset = 0, then we get timebase is OK. call Imports.GetTimebase2(....) return success.

If we instead set the offset != 0 right at start, then the interface seems to hang up, calling Imports.GetTimebase2(....) does not get any response, so we can not get other status.

Our current workaround is: we set offset = 0, call Imports.GetTimebase2(....); then we change offset != 0.
After that everything works as expected.
  • Is this a known issue?
  • Are there other parameters you can't set right after system start?
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