Read multiple Picolog TC-08 in parallel - streaming mode

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Read multiple Picolog TC-08 in parallel - streaming mode

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is it possible to read Picolog TC-08 in Labview in parallel? I have more than 10 TC-08 and I can address them individually. But currently this works only one after the other even if I call 'the usb_tc8_get_single' dll in parallel with the different serial numbers.
But I want to do this at the same time and not one after the other. Is this possible in Labview?

Many thanks

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Re: Read multiple Picolog TC-08 in parallel- streaming mode

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Hello Felix,

Yes you can only get single function or the streaming method to retrieve data from one logger. There is not functions to for multiple devices.
Have you used the example to connect to multiple TC-08 units? You need to enter serial numbers for each unit- ...

I have not tried calling the usb_tc8_get_single function in parallel myself in LabVIEW but would expect it to work for multiple TC-08's.
Does this not work for you?
You could try this- ... terations/
with example above for the 'for loop' where is calls "usb_tc08_get_single"

I had attached a streaming example that I have been working this may be useful. The finished version will be uploaded to Github at some stage in the future.
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Regards Andrew
Technical Specialist

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