Measurements' Threshold definition: GUI/setup file/script. 9300 Series

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Measurements' Threshold definition: GUI/setup file/script. 9300 Series

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Dear support,

With a PicoScope 9321-20, I do not manage to set the measurements' threshold using the COM-based API (and my script). Moreover, the GUI and the Setup file seems to be contradictory for that parameter.

In the attached screen shot, the Upper, Middle and Lower Threshold are 1.96, 0, and -1.96 division, which agrees with the picture. From that point, if a go to File->Setup->Save Setup..., I get the following in the text file:
Meas:Ch1:UpThresh 763 (div)
Meas:Ch1:MidThresh 512 (div)
Meas:Ch1:LowThresh 258 (div)

My issue is that I did not manage to setup the threshold from my script. I have tried the following commands:
:Meas:Ch1:Unit PERCENT
:Meas:Ch1:UpThPerc 60 %
:Meas:Ch1:MidThPerc 50 %
:Meas:Ch1:LowThPerc 40 %
It has no effect. I tried also to remove the unit (%). Then I have tried
:Meas:Ch1:Unit DIVISION
:Meas:Ch1:UpThresh 712
:Meas:Ch1:MidThresh 512
:Meas:Ch1:LowThresh 312
It has an unexpected behavior, and later I got an error pop-up window. I tried also to use the Volt scale...

Until now it was usefull to look at the setup file to get the syntax of the command. My (python) script runs well for other parameters.

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