Noise on signal when increasing time / div

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Noise on signal when increasing time / div

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I'm new to picoscope, hopefully what I'm seeing has a simple solution and I just have some settings not right.

I have a picoscope 2000 (and am loving it so far).

I am trying to view the signal from a hall effect sensor (0-5V). I can view the signal OK when I have the time / div set to 100 ms or lower. But if I increase it to 200 ms/div or greater it looks like there is tons of noise on the signal when the scope is running... if I pause the scope the noise goes away. Screenshots are below, the only difference is that the scope is running or stopped.

For my application I need to see several seconds on the scope at once.


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Re: Noise on signal when increasing time / div

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You probably have resolution enhancement turned on (or low pass filter)

On 200ms/div and above the scope starts live streaming the data to the PC and draw it on screen.
This is done without resolution enhancement or filtering. If you press stop the signal drawn on screen is reprocessed to do the filtering or enhancement.

You can change this 200ms switchover point in the configuration of the PS software.
Be aware the 2200 has not a lot of memory to capture before displaying.


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