1V Spike upon Driver Activation?

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1V Spike upon Driver Activation?

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I'm a programmer currently evaluating a Picoscope 2205A for my company because we want to use two of them to integrate with some software that I'm writing for a board test station. Part of the test involves checking voltages to make sure they are within tolerance and part of it involves sending some signals using a waveform generator to our board and seeing if the board reacts correctly.
The problem is, upon activating the driver for a picoscope in the API or using the bench software (Opening the device) a 1V spike occurs and a similar, less dramatic one occurs when the driver is closed. A picture is attached for activation so you can see what I'm talking about.

This is always accompanied by a mechanical clicking sound not uncommon with these types of devices but I spoke with the EE on the project and he says that this will be a major issue because any type of positive voltage at all going onto those detectors could cause some damage to a downstream amplifier through "saturation" or some electro-engineering gobbledygook I don't fully understand (those amps are supposed to read a negative voltage signal)

As a result I can't really put more units of these scopes up for a purchase request but I just wanted to see if anyone knows what this phenomenon is and whether there's some solution to it I haven't thought of that isn't procedural.

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