PS5000a VB.NET example modified from BLOCK to STREAMING mode

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PS5000a VB.NET example modified from BLOCK to STREAMING mode

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Dear all,

In our lab we decided to use our Pico 5444D for long time analysis of some signal. We need to continuously sample two signals (in two channels) and regularly send the collected data to another application for analysis. All this shoud take about several tens of hours.
As a software we decided to use PicoSDK VB.NET console example with change of the BLOCK mode to STREAMING mode, adding a loop and a couple of rows of code to perform sending the collected data. After some effort we developed application that seemed to be appropriate for our purpose (see attachment).
We used Visual Studio 2019 running on Win10.
Unfortunately we found quickly that our application after each start run only about 15 second. Then it stopped and error message was displayed: "Unhandled exception, System.ExecutionEngineException". We tried to find any reasonable source of the error for quite a long time, but without success. Only accidentally we found out that the source might be (?) in an infinite recursion in mscorlib.dll.
We would appreciate if someone could help us to find the solution of our problem.

With kind regards

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