Pico 6 error

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Pico 6 error

Post by Al514 »

Hello, so I installed picolog to try them demo then I uninstalled it. Now pico 6 doesn't work, won't reinstall. I've tried every trick in book and nothing. Why does picolog screw up pico 6 when uninstalled? I need my scope. This is a major problem. And don't just say it's a windows problem. Everything was working great , now my whole PC is screwed up.

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Re: Pico 6 error

Post by Gerry »

Hi Al514,

The answer to your question is that it doesn't normally do that at all.

There is something very unique about what specific software you are running, on your specific platform and the process/processes that you have gone through to get where you are now, which we need to look at in detail in order to find out what went wrong and how we can fix this.

I would suggest that you email in to our helpdesk, to get the quickest turnaround of the problem (especially as this would only benefit other forum users, in the unlikely event that they have similar enough circumstances to you).
So, can you send an email to support@PicoTech.com, telling us the following:
1/ What computer platform are you using (Desktop, laptop, Tablet, Single board, etc)?
2/ What operating system are you using (and what version, with which updates)?
3/ I assume that by "Pico6" you mean PicoScope 6", if this is the case could you tell us which version it is (which you can find out from the menu options 'Help->About PicoSope 6'), along with which specific version of PicoLog 6 you installed and uninstalled?
4/ Which PicoScope Hardware are you are using
5/ What steps have you have taken, In detail (e.g. [1] Downloaded PicoLog 6 Software [2] Connected PicoScope hardware [3] installed PicoLog 6 Software etc) to get where you are now.
6/ What did you have running in addition to our software (or running in the background, e.g. Antivirus software) while performing the steps in (5)

Could you also perform the following 2 tests:
(a) Connect your PicoScope and then Open the Device manager
(Note that if you are not running as admin in Windows 10, you will need to open the 'Computer Management' tool as admin, by typing 'compmgmt' into the search box of the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen, and then selecting 'Run as administrator') to tell us if you can see an entry under 'Pico Technology instruments' for your specific PicoScope series, and whether or not it has a yellow exclamation mark against it
(b) Open a File Explorer window to locate a Trace.xml file to attach to your email, which you can find in the folder here: C:\Users\[your Windows user name]\AppData\Local\Pico Technology\64XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX. You only need to send the file with no number appended to the file name.


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