Resolving cause of Error 7

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Resolving cause of Error 7

Post by jgraham »

I created a Matlab GUI that talks to out Picoscope 6404D and uses it to collect triggered data. Usually it operates without any difficulties, but occasionally we've been running into an issue where we get the following message in Matlab:

getRapidBlockData: Retrieving data...
Error using icgroup/invoke (line 95)
getRapidBlockData: Error retrieving data values - code: 7

Error in RunCollectAndSaveData (line 277)
[numSamples, overflow, ch{1}, ch{2}, ch{3}, ch{4}] =
invoke(rapidBlockGroupObj, 'getRapidBlockData',
config.capturesPerLoop, 1, 0);

The error, from what I've read, implies that the Picoscope has stopped communicating with the computer for some reason or another. Our code breaks collection down into a number of equally sized repetitions (since collections can easily exceed the scope memory capacity). Repeated attempts to complete the collection seem to have the error occur at the same point, although, altering the collection's parameters can cause it to vary somewhat. I've attached a script containing a cut down version of the code used for the collection process. (I've cut out the GUI interface and other file and data manipulation code and focused on code related to the Picoscope's configuration and data collection up to the point where the error occurs.)

I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction toward resolving this issue, since so far, nothing we've tried seems to work. It just periodically occurs, and once it does we are unable to get the data collection to successfully complete. I'm hoping it's just something in the configuration that's been missed.

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Re: Resolving cause of Error 7

Post by NeilH »


Are you able to give a overview of the GUI flow to the scope control from starting up till the error occurs?
This will help me understand how the functions sit in your GUI code.

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