PicoScope 6 Beta Advanced Triggers bug

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PicoScope 6 Beta Advanced Triggers bug

Post by jfran »

Using Picoscope 5442B on Linux. The advanced trigger feature appears to be buggy.
To reproduce:
1. Click on Advanced Trigger
2. Select Pulse Width.
3. Under Condition select 'Less than'
3. Under 'Pulse Direction', selecting 'Positive Pulse' or 'Negative Pulse' does not change the active pulse trigger edge on the waveform. It stays on the riding edge. As a result, the feature does not function as intended.
The graphic in the lower section of the Advanced Triggers window does correctly reflects the edge that should be used. I.e. Falling edge for Positive Pulse and rising edge for Negative Pulse.

Other aspects of Advanced Trigger also appear to be faulty. E.g. The Window feature.

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Re: PicoScope 6 Beta Advanced Triggers bug

Post by Martyn »

We have identified some issues with the pulse and window triggering on the 5000 series, these have been fixed so will be available in a future release of the software.
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