External sensor on drdaq

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External sensor on drdaq

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I'm not gettign a reading from the external sensors (gives -32767 always). All the other inputs work Ok and I get 2.5,2.5 and 5V accros the input, sensor type and power, as I expect.
Any ideas?
PS page 26 of the pdf manual has the wrong pin assignemtns for the esternal sensor.

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The external sensors that you are having problems with, are they self made or are they sensors from Pico. If they are the latter have you made a scaling file. Check that the wires have been set up correctly.

If the sensors are pico products test these on a different PC with the DrDAQ, if they still do not work, and you have another DrDAQ try the sensors with these otherwise the sensors will have to be returned to use for testing and investigation.

If you need to return them please provide contact details, by emailing:


Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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