Parallel DrDaq with Parallel to USB Adapter on Windows 10

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Parallel DrDaq with Parallel to USB Adapter on Windows 10

Post by AFussi »

Anybody an idea what driver I need to install, as the USB Adapter shows no sign of life, and therefore also the DrDaq not.
The USB Adapter is USB-PP FJY18/052 and the DrDaq is QDR13/002 and the computer I use it on is a PC with Windows 10 installed.

I installed Picolog for Windows 5.25.3 and Picoscope
I still have a 2504 and that works with this installation. So I assume I am missing a driver for the USB-PP

Many thanks

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Re: Parallel DrDaq with Parallel to USB Adapter on Windows 10

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Hi AFussi,

Unfortunately, the parallel version of our DrDaq data logger is not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. So, if your version of Windows 10 is 64-bit then you won't be able to use it on that machine, with that version of the operating system.

If you choose to use it on another machine running 32-bit windows (or re-install the 32-bit version of Windows 10) then you need to be aware that, standard parallel to USB adapters don't work with our parallel products either. We used to manufacture our own USB to parallel adapter for our products that had a parallel interface, but because an essential component for the adapter was made obsolete, and we couldn't get it from any other source, we stopped manufacturing these some time ago.

So, currently our parallel port products only work with plug-in PCI or PCI-Express cards in desktop PCs, and Cardbus or Expresscard adapters in laptops, as long as they provide an LPT port in the devices list. A card which just provides USB printing support only will not work. One way of checking this is that the correct type of adapter card requires a driver provided by the manufacturer whereas the wrong type does not and installs using a generic Windows driver. Adapters for card slots that we found to work after testing were available from


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