Trouble running a new Pico ADC-24 in Visual Basic (VB6)

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Trouble running a new Pico ADC-24 in Visual Basic (VB6)

Post by Kurtl »

Dear Technical Support,

I am very familiar with Visual Basic 6 but have not used it with a Pico product before. I loaded the short sample program, hrdl.vbp, and ran it (in Windows XP). I am trying to read a voltage from Channel 1 of the ADC-24, but the program freezes during the following command:

ok = HRDLRun(hrdl_handle, no_of_values, 2)

Has anyone had this experience? Even more unusual, there are 2 non-responding instances of the program runnign in the Task Manager.

I would appreciate any help, and if you need me to check more things about the process I can do so.
Kurt L. in Arizona

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Post by PeterF »

Hi Kurt,
I am transferring this to Helpdesk as a new ticket, it is easier to pass it across from there to software. I will contact you shortly.

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