PT104 data logger

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PT104 data logger

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I bought a PT104 data logger a while ago and I have been using it with 4-wire pt100 and a p660 screw terminal adaptor without problems. However, I want to use 2-wire pt100 but I have just realised that PicoLog Software only gives you two options when configuring the type of sensors that will be connected: 3-wire and 4-wire (I attach an image... in Spanish).

I suppose that the connection of the 2-wire pt100 to the adaptor is as described in the user guide (pin 2-red, pin 3-white), but how can I configure the software so that it recognises a 2-wire sensor?


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Re: PT104 data logger

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Hi MA,

Which version of PicoLog are you using - 5.25.3?

The option for 2-wire PT-100 sensors is there when using the English language version but for some reason is not there in the Spanish language version. You can use the following settings file which is configured for a two-wire sensor on Channel 1 which will show two wires when loaded:
Settings files for 2-wire on Channel 1
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Alternatively, you can save your existing settings file to a .pls file via the File -> Save as... menu option. If you open the file in a suitable text editor you can change the following line to the correct number of wires for the relevant sensor:

Code: Select all

You can then load this settings file into PicoLog.

The option to specify the number of wires is not there in the PicoLog 6 Beta version but I will add a feature request for consideration.


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