Error code: 37 on getBlockData

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Error code: 37 on getBlockData

Post by joshua_morris » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:33 pm

I am trying to automate the collection of many signals with a PicoScope 4444 using MATLAB. The scope is setup to step through a range of frequencies and trigger at each step. The collected signals are 6ms long with 300kS using all 4 channels. I had formerly been able to complete my full frequency sweep without an error, but have been receiving the following error after changing my number of samples and collection window (previously was set to 2ms and 100kS). I can restart the test and continue from whichever frequency it failed at, but it will return this error after several more collections.

The line in my code where the error occurs is:
[numSamples, ~, chA, chB, chC, chD] = invoke(blockGroupObj, 'getBlockData', 0, 0, 1, 0);

The text of the error message is
getBlockData:- Error retrieving data values - code: 37. Please refer to the PicoStatus.m file.

The error code from the PicoStatus.m file reads:
PICO_INVALID_BUFFER = hex2dec('00000037');

The Block_Example file does not address setting the buffer and I could not find any examples with the buffer set (other than Streaming). I thought the scope might just need extra time to move the larger data files for the longer signals and have tried adding extra delays between sent pulses of 2-10 seconds, with no change to the error received. Can you share some insight to the cause of this error and how I could setup the buffer in block mode? Thank you for your help.

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Re: Error code: 37 on getBlockData

Post by NeilH » Tue Jul 16, 2019 7:24 am


Are you able to either post your code here or email it to so I can see what you're doing

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