Embedded scope in custom hardware

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Embedded scope in custom hardware

Post by jacasey »

Hi -
I've used a 5000 series (4 chan w/ DSO) as an embedded acquisition tool inside a test fixture -- works fantastic, and your SDK is what really makes it sing.
I've now got another client impressed by this, and they want a fancy control system with a debugging embedded feature that looks a lot like a storage scope. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I could just bury about 8 channels plus DSO of your scope inside this unit.

I looked under the OEM page, but didn't see any details. Any chance I could buy a 5000 series as a "bare board" suitable for such (or I guess I could just unmount it from your classy box).

Any other ideas? Minimum needs appear to be 6 channels analog, 8 channels logic analyzer, SDK compatible, don't need high speed but do want fairly deep memory. It would be nice to get this on a very compact board, but design has no real physical constraints at this point.

Any help appreciated.
Jeff Casey
Rockfield Research Inc.
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Re: Embedded scope in custom hardware

Post by Gerry »

Hi Jacasey,

I apologise for the delay in answering your post (there has been a lot of other work that needed attention).

As this is more of a logistics/business issue could you send your request in to support@picotech.com,
and mark it for my attention.


Technical Specialist

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