RPM from a Hall Sensor

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RPM from a Hall Sensor

Post by adobewombat »

I need help! I have a picolog 1012 and I have Picoscope 6 software.
I have a Hall sensor and a little circuit and I can see that the Hall sensor normally sits at 1V and when triggered drops to 0V on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. So far so good.
How can I show frequency in RPM on the x-axis please?

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Re: RPM from a Hall Sensor

Post by Martyn »

Sorry for the slow reply due to the current situation.

If you go to Tools->MathChannels->Create and then add a math channel freq(A) if you signal is on A. Make sure that you tick the box to enable the one you have just created when you see the list of math channels.

You will now have a graph with frequency on the y-axis.
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