Yoogawas flow input in PT104

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Yoogawas flow input in PT104

Post by sameer.skillful »

Hello I am from india.
1.I have bought pico pt 104 datalogger.
2.I want to read yokogawa flow meter reading onto it.
3.I tried voltage reading into pt 104.
4.I gave dc voltage input to pt104.but it's not giving correct graph.it's showing 1.05 volt whatever be my input.
Plz anyone help me.

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Re: Yoogawas flow input in PT104

Post by Gerry »

Hi Sameer,

How do you know that the input voltage is "correct" (how are you measuring it)?

It would help us to help you if you could post a diagram, along with some images of how you have everything connected up (to the pins of the the terminal board). Also, if you could tell us what output range you are using for the flow meter, and post it's specification, that would help too. Finally, if you can also post a Picolog data file, we would be able to see how you have set up the software.


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