Reading Negative DC volts

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Reading Negative DC volts

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I'm trying to get a read out of negative DC volt inputs onto my graph(log). The input is connected to Channel 5 and is reading positive values correctly but once they are switched to negative ones the read out stops working (red exclamation mark). Does anybody know a way to rectify this so i can read negative values? The DC values are in the aprox. range +-6V

I'm using PicoLog 1012 with the App version 6.2.9.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Re: Reading Negative DC volts

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The PicoLog 1012 is a unipolar device with an input range of 0V to +2.5 V so any inputs with a negative voltage are outside of the device's measurement range so the overvoltage warning is displayed.

If you need to measure a signal with voltage range +-6 V then a different device would be needed to the PicoLog 1012
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