Picosocpe 5443D USB Speed

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Picosocpe 5443D USB Speed

Post by Ju_Luca »

I use a Picoscope 5443 at the moment and want to use the streaming modus with the Python API wrapper with a resolution of 14-Bit. I can stream One channel with a time resolution of 16ns without any problem. When I now extend this to all 4 channels is have several problems:

1) I can only set the time resolution to 32ns for alle 4 channels. But if I do so the data will be overwritten after some time (I suspect the USB connection can not transfer the data fast enough from the scope to my Mac) and I only get nonsense data.

2) I would like to use all 4 channels with a time resolution of 16ns, which would be possible with the USB 3.0 speed. (The USB 3.0 speed should be 600 MB/s -> 300 MS at 14-Bit resolution -> 75 MS/channel -> I need only 62.5 MS/s per channel).

Is it somehow possible to use all 4 channels with a sampling rate of 62,5 MS/s, or at least 31,25 MS/s sustainable without the data being overwritten after the internal buffer is full?

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Re: Picosocpe 5443D USB Speed

Post by Martyn »

As detailed in the specifications https://www.picotech.com/oscilloscope/5 ... ifications the maximum continuous USB sampling rate for the device is 125MS/s in 8 bit mode shared between active channels. So with 4 Channels enabled you would be able to stream at 31.25MS/s. For 14bit mode this would drop to 15.625MS/s

The memory on the device is used as a buffer to prevent data loss for those occasions when either the O/S prevents use of the USB bus, or your application is busy processing data. As the actual line rate of USB3 is higher than the maximum sampling speed we support in streaming mode, once we can read data out again it will empty the on board memory quickly.

You still need to be careful with how you code your application to ensure that you read data at regular intervals.
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