Serial Decode on graph does not update when changing buffers

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Serial Decode on graph does not update when changing buffers

Post by collud2 »

Hello, all! I've had my 2205A for a couple years, never really tapping into its full potential -- just little things like looking at relay signals.
This current project is my first time analyzing communication: SPI serial decoding! (I am reading/writing an EEPROM).

There are two questions/issues I'm here to ask about.
(1) is the post title, and I'd call it a bug: after I've captured data with the decoder on, I have set it to show hex data in a table, and binary data below the scope trace. However, the decoding of buffer#1 data (below trace) persists when changing buffers, instead of decoding the data for the appropriate buffer. I must re-open decode settings, and manually OK/Apply them again, to update the trace decode to each buffer as I switch.
It would be much nicer if it updated automatically as I switched.

(2) In some situations, I get the message "Too many samples. Some waveform data is missing. Please reduce the 'Number of Samples' and restart capture." What does this refer to / why are too many samples causing data to be missing? I feel like I'm just missing something basic in how that message is worded.

Edit: couldn't see that the attachments had succeeded without submitting post first.
One attachment shows serial decode on the trace and in table on the first buffer page with data;
second attachment shows what I see after paging along with the buffer navigator arrows to a later page with data... and still seeing the decode from the earlier page.
Both attachments show the "Too many samples" message.

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Re: Serial Decode on graph does not update when changing buffers

Post by Martyn »

Can I suggest you post the psdata files and not just the screen shots, then we can see the settings.

I would also suggest changing the timebase (time across the screen) so the data packet occupies more of the screen.
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