problem streaming to some channels under linux, ps6000

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problem streaming to some channels under linux, ps6000

Post by jose.udias »

We have several picoscopes working flawlessly. Our most recently purchase, however, a PS6000 (6403D)
is giving us a lot of trouble when trying to stream data into the pc, using linux and the sdk examples.
With picoscope application and the ps6000 examples we can acquire all the four channels in block mode,
and see the signals normally. But when we try streaming mode, only 2 or 3 channels are actually acquiring data, most of the time. We can see the signals (w input a signal generator with the same signal in the four channels) in th 4 channels with picoscope, acquire the four in block mode, then try streaming and see signals only in channel 1 and 2. If we cycle and reset the scope several times, and acquire in block mode, at times,
very rarely, if we inmediately acquire in stremaing mode, all 4 channels work. After a time, channel 2 ceases to acquire (only 0's in the signal) in streaming (but it acquires OK with PicoScope and in block mode), and a bit later also channel 3 ceases to acquire in streaming (only 0's in the signal), but we can acquire normal signals in block mode or with the picoscope app.
This is driving us crazy for several weeks already and it makes the unit completely unuseable. Our other units from the 2000 series (we have 5 units) work however pretty well under the same circumstances, and also our 3204D series scope works fine here.
Any ideas?

Device opened successfully, cycle 1
Driver Version: PS6000 Linux Driver
USB Version: 3.0
Hardware Version: 1 1
Variant Info: 6403D
Serial: GO015/014
Cal Date: 09Jul18
Kernel: 0.0
Digital H/W: 1
Analogue H/W: 1
Firmware 1:
Firmware 2:

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Re: problem streaming to some channels under linux, ps6000

Post by Martyn »

Some questions to better understand the issue :-

Are you connected to a USB3 port ?
What sampling interval are you using?
How large are the driver and application buffers?
Are you collecting any downsampled data alongside the raw data?
What processing are you doing in the loop iteration each time you collect data ? any file or screen printing ?
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