can not read Photodiode Signal

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can not read Photodiode Signal

Post by subh » Sun Jan 05, 2020 3:59 am

I am using picoscope 5244A to read the photodiode signal which is about +100mV as read on "Tektronix scope". While run PicoScope 6.14.10 software, it showed barely 5mV of signal (attached). I could not understand the reason.

Thereafter, I tried labview program to read the signal. However, I can not run the labview example code "PicoScope5000aExampleRapidBlock" and "PicoScope5000aExampleRapidBlockBulk". It is giving me error "PICO_NO_SAMPLES_AVAILABLE". Can anyone kindly help to resolve this?

I have been able to run "PicoScope5000aExampleStreamingMSO" example code. However, its captured kind of a decay curve which is weird (attcahed)."PicoScope5000aExampleStreamingMSO" example code works fine if I use it to capture 4V of TTL signal but not for this 5mV of signal (100mV in Tektronix scope ).

Any kind of suggestion is appreciated.

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