Function generator with PICO 5244D

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Function generator with PICO 5244D

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Dear Mr, Ms

I would like to transmit very short impulsions (minimum time value of 45 ns). In order to do that I want to control an amplifier which I will "switch on" during the time I want. For ewample if I want to transmit during 50 ns I will switch it on during 50 ns. I wonder if it is possible to do this with the PICO5244D.

I saw in the datasheet that the AWG update rate of the PICO 5244D was 200 MHz so I supposed that it will be ok because it makes a sample every 5 ns. However in the same time I saw that the function generator signal frequency of the PICO5244D was 20 MHz. I don't know how to interpret these 2 parameters.

Could you help me to understand this please ? And do you think I can realise what I want with the PICO5244D ?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Function generator with PICO 5244D

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Hi qwetch,

Yes, it is possible with a 5244D AWG.

Below are Screenshots and psdata file of a generated impulse of 45ns width (zoomed out, and zoomed in to show the accuracy):
45ns impulse - Normal view with measurements.png
45ns impulse - Zoomed in view with mesurements.png
45ns impulse - normal view with measurements.psdata
(24.87 KiB) Downloaded 22 times

This impulse is automatically generated by the Scope, i.e. whenever the scope is triggered, the Signal Generator fires a single impulse. However, you could trigger it manually, by selecting 'Manual' for the 'Trigger Source', as shown below:
Selecting manual as the trigger source.png
(Note that I haven't done that, as I wouldn't then be able to use the Scope to capture and display the impulse, as there would be no Triggers left to do that, and I don't have a 2nd scope fast enough to capture the impulse, as I'm working from home).

Regarding the specifications from the data sheet:

The Standard Signal Frequency of the Function Generator is the range over which you can vary the frequency of the waveform that will be generated from the selection of pre-defined available waveform types. So, the maximum signal frequency from the Signal Generator will be 20MHz.

The AWG update rate is the clock rate for the Digital-to-Analog Converter used in the Arbitrary Waveform Generator, used to create custom waveforms only. Because of the way that the phase accumulator works in the AWG, you can achieve higher frequencies in the AWG than the Sig Gen alone. So, for instance, you can get an output frequency of 80MHz by creating a 4 cycle sinewave in the AWG (however the waveform will be poorly constructed, with lots of distortion and jitter, which is the price you pay for increasing the frequency so far beyond 20MHz).


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