Error in resistance measurement with PT-104

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Error in resistance measurement with PT-104

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Hi, we want to use the PT-104 to measure resistance change vs temperature change.
For temperature a PT100 with four wire connection is used and the temperature shown in the software is correct. So no problem here.
For resistance a four wire connection is used as well, but the result is not correct. Expected resistance should be around 20mΩ to 50 mΩ, and measuring the same four wire setup with a precise multimeter confirms the expected results.
Also just leaving the PT-104 running without doing anything will cause the resistance to gradually drop, temperature is still correct.
Over the course of a night the resistance has dropped from 150mΩ to 60mΩ.
Different options when configuring the channel have been used also 2 and 3 wire setups, there was slight variation but the end result was always the same and much too high.

Hardware: Intel i7, 8GB memory, PT-104 connected by USB
Operating system: Windows 7
Software used: PicoLog 6.1.16
Multimeter for reference: Array M3500A

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Re: Error in resistance measurement with PT-104

Post by Martyn »

Sorry for the delay in responding due to the current situation.

Can you please email a Picolog data file to and one of the team will be able to look at your issues.
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