Datalogging 8 Channel

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Datalogging 8 Channel

Post by woster »

Good afternoon all,

I am looking for some advice.
I have bought a PICOLog 1216 to capture 8 pressure sensors at the same time. I have built a box and mounted all inside the box using terminal blocks to split 24v supply to each sensor and ground. The sensors have a shielding but to connect between the terminal block to the PICOLog I have just 0.22mm wire with crimp ends.

I'm getting a little bouncing of values with a single sensor activated ~0.1mmHg but would like to improve the shielding. Do you think grounding the sensor would improve the reading or shielding the unshielded wire? Would tin foil suffice to prevent EMC?

Any help greatly apprecia ted!

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Re: Datalogging 8 Channel

Post by Gerry »

Hi Woster,

I'm a bit unclear about your description. You say that you have split the 24V supply to each sensor and ground, but then you ask if grounding the sensor would improve the reading?

Shielding the signal wire that goes to the terminal board, or better still replacing it with shielded cable, should help prevent crosstalk (which is what I assume you mean by bouncing values) and you should only need to connect the shield at the sensor end.

Tin foil, if applied to the box correctly, would help reduce emissions and interference.


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