Acoustic Emission Measurement (Picoscope 3405D + python)

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Acoustic Emission Measurement (Picoscope 3405D + python)

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We want to acquire data by using an acoustic emission (AE) sensor and a Pico 3405D device, and process them using our own python libraries.

Initially, we set the sampling rate at 3 MHz and measured the data using PicoScope 6, and then we exported to CSV files.

Now, we want to use PicoSDK + Python to program triggers so we only measure during a specified window, and only when an AE event occurs. This is to avoid the excessive storage of data that is not relevant for our project.

Currently, we only have some communication with the device using the PicoSDK+Python approach.

We also wanted to check out the PicoPyscope App, but after installing PythonXY I don't really now how to proceed. Could we please get a little help here? I also don't know if PicoPyscope would provide with the functions required for this project, so if anybody knows better, your advice is more than welcome.

Thank you all.

Sebastian Ospina
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Re: Acoustic Emission Measurement (Picoscope 3405D + python)

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The PicoPyscope is not something that we developed so can't give support on it, instead we have the picosdk-python-wrappers repository which contains python wrappers for the API functions for the scope series and examples on how to use these functions. This can be found here

Technical Support Engineer

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