New 2203 seems to read low.

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New 2203 seems to read low.

Post by AngeloRometo » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:03 pm

We have just purchased a PicoScope 2203 and I am running some initial tests. I am trying to read the output voltage of a DC power supply to confirm that everything is working properly and that I understand how to use thes software.

I have the supply set to 10V and have confirmed it with my Fluke voltmeter by reading 10.000V. When I use an oscilloscope probe set to 1x, the reading on the 2203 is 10.2V. When the probe is set to 10X, the reading is 10.05V. The 10x setting is the same as a Tektronics scope that I set up for testing, however the 1x probe in the Tektronics reads 10.03V. Do I have something set incorrectly for the 1x probe setting on the PicoScope?


Angelo Rometo

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Re: New 2203 seems to read low.

Post by Hitesh » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:22 pm

Hi Angelo,

Could I ask whether the probe is one of ours or another manufacturer's?

If there is a crocodile clip on the probe is it correctly connected to ground?

Within PicoScope, have you selected the correct probe type for the channel?

Kind regards,

Software Dev. Engineer

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