Real time Monitoring of Car Battry

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Real time Monitoring of Car Battry

Post by htyazdi » Mon Jul 26, 2004 7:26 am

I have a research project regarding real time monitoring of a CAR
BATTERY for 24 hours,
I have to measure battery curent, voltage, temperature, vibration,
while the car is moving.
so I do need a 4 channel data logger to place in a car and log the
above mentined variables, and latter on down load and process the
I searched your web site but I was not able to chosse the suitable equipments.
so please help me.
for your more information, I have some transducers which could convert
the vibration and current to a proportional voltage which is of course
varibale in time and sometimes are negative / alternating as well. and
some variables should be measured and logged fast.

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Post by ricardo » Mon Jul 26, 2004 9:35 am


Thank you for your enquiry. We have a range of data loggers that would be suitable for your application. The best one would be the ADC-11, this has 11 input channels and can sample up to 10ksps. The standard ADC-11 has an input range or 0-2.5V however we can offer you a modified ADC-11 with could have either +/-2.5V, +/-5V or +/- 10V.

The ADC-11 is PC based so it would need to be connected to a pc at all times to do the logging. If you require a standalone data logger the only one we can offer to you is the EnviroMon system, unfortunately this does not have a very high sampling rate (1 sample per minute).

For more information on the ADC-11 please visit our website,

For more information on EnviroMon please visit our website,

Best Regards,

Ricardo Paloschi
Sales Engineer
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