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sample excel macro provided with PicoLog

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sample excel macro provided with PicoLog

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:45 am

I notice that the PicoLog software comes complete with a separate macro for reading data straight into Microsoft Excel. I would like to utilise this feature but using type J thermocouples instead of K.

I looked in the visual basic code and would be obliged if you could confirm the following

"Call tc08_set_channel(Port, 1, Asc("K"), 10, 0, 0)"

Presumably changing the K to a J would enable a type J thermocouple to be used?

"If ok Then
Cells(i + 3, "C").value = temperature / 100"

This is the equation for reading the temperature into excel. Does this equation change for a type J thermocouple?

To read from more than two channels could the following code be used?

"Call tc08_set_channel(Port, 3, Asc("J"), 10, 0, 0)"
"If ok Then
Cells(i + 3, "D").value = temperature / 100"

or is the maximin number of channels usable with your macro only two?

Postby markspencer » Thu Jul 22, 2004 8:25 am


Thank you for your post.

It is possible to use all 8 channels in the excel macro by calling the tc08_set_channel routine. You are correct in your assumption that changing the 'K' to a 'J' will indeed inform the driver that the thermocouple that you intend using on this channel wil be a J type thermocoupl. You do not have to have all the same thermocouples on the channels eg channel 1 may use a J type, and channel 2 a K type etc.

You asked about the following code this will place the data after the variable temperature has been divided by 100 in to row i+3, and column C. To get the reading into temperature variable you will need to us the routine tc08_get_temp.

Best regards,

If ok Then
Cells(i + 3, "C").value = temperature / 100"

Mark Spencer
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