resistance logging w/PicoLog

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resistance logging w/PicoLog

Post by » Sun Jul 18, 2004 11:55 pm

Dear Sirs:

I have downloaded PicoLog (v5.10+) and am considering buying an interface.

I am working on an experiment to measure 'touch' on a piano key. At this point I am trying a load sensor (resistance device) and a potentiometer (resistance) linkage to measure position. This means I have two resistance sensors and I was considering a DrDaq as interface.

I have two observations that I need assistance with. One is that while I can see DrDaq as being able to measure resistance, I don't see that PicoLog can read resistance as the input channels can only be configured to voltage.

The second is that DrDaq only appears to have one resistance input. Is this correct. If so, I would assume I would need a signal conditioner to feed the other input to a voltage input, right?

And lastly, is it possible to operate a PWM controlled DC motor from this setup?

Thanks, Tom

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Post by markspencer » Mon Jul 19, 2004 8:29 am


Thank you for your post .... DrDaq does indeed have only one resistance available, that can measure between 0 - 1Mohms. Please see specifications for accuracy and resolution.

In Picolog to measure the Reistance when using DrDAQ, you would select the Resistance channel. To use a second resistance you would need to signal condition the signal.

With regards using the DO this is only accessable if you are willing to write your own software. Also you would need to create your own curcuit for the PWM as the DO can only have approx 1 micoamp drawn on it.

Best regards,

Mark Spencer

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