PicoLog in the future?

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PicoLog in the future?

Post by olepagh » Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:30 am


In another forum on this board, 'Hitesh' wrote the other day:
"PicoLog is unlikely to be developed further as PicoScope6's logging capabilities are likely to be developed further."
We are (I think) a lot of users that use the more 'slowly' loggers (TC-08, ADC 20/24 etc), and uses the PicoLog SW.
Not all of us are able to write our own software.

PicoLog SW works OK, but it need really an 'overhaul'. More than changing fonts or adding new loggers.

So Pico: What are the plans for the future for us PicoLog users that do not benefit from the frequent updates of the PicoScope?
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Re: PicoLog in the future?

Post by Martyn » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:10 am

We understand that there are a number of users who would like to see improved functionality in the PicoLog software, however we have limited development resources available and so there are no plans for further work on this product.

Our current software development is based on Picoscope 6, including the development of it's logging capabilities, as well as providing more code samples to enable customers to write applications that meet their own specific requirements. As always our software and drivers are free and downloadable from our website.

We also have a thriving user community who occasionally provide software that they are willing to share with others. For this reason we have introduced a new section to our website http://www.picoapps.com/ to facilitate this. Currently there are no logging applications listed although the site has only recently gone live so it is worth checking back on a regular basis as more people become aware of it.
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