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Picoscope 4224 triggering how to get it to work?

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Picoscope 4224 triggering how to get it to work?

Postby jwhitmore » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:39 pm

Hello all,
I've gone and bought a PicoScope 4224 as I'm messing about with the CAN bus and was advised that that was the way to go. Managed to install The Windows on a laptop and have The PicoScope 6 ( installed on it.

Everythin' good now apart from getting this scope to trigger on the CAN signal comin' out of a microcontroller. I have a led flashing and of course when I connect the probe to that connection I can trigger every time. Now move the probe to the CAN connection and I'm either not getting a trigger at all, or I'm getting a trigger some time (seconds) after the event. In the case where I do get a trigger after the fact I can see all the negative pulses that were missed by the trigger. And of course I miss the start of the CAN Message. I know that the CAN message is going through as I've got another module on the BUS picking up the message and lighting a led. Every time the message gets sent the PicoScope just sits there scratching it's head and whistling in the wind.

In addition to that is there a way to get the scope out of the trigger mode? At present I have to kill the SW and restart it to get rid of the triggering yellow diamond. If I'm not trying to trigger I can watch the wave form going by without learning anythin' about it, but at least I see it going past. Try to trigger and all I see is a yellow diamond.

Re: Picoscope 4224 triggering how to get it to work?

Postby Martyn » Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:16 pm

If you go to "File->Save Current Waveform As" to save a psdata file and then email this to the team at support@picotech.com we will be able to check your settings and advise you as to why you are having problems triggering on your signal.
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