2203 Data Capture to Disk

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2203 Data Capture to Disk

Post by forjack842 »

I'd like to look at a 28v supply line for several hours. We've got an intermittent that occurs when a specific vibration happens. Can I capture a modest rate directly to a file for later viewing. I know I'd be time limited by disk space but I'll calculate that versus capture rate. I'm mainly interested in the capture to disk capability.

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Re: 2203 Data Capture to Disk

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Jack,

Within PicoScope 6, you can set up an Alarm condition that activates when the buffer is full. You will most likely need to setup a repeat trigger if you know the waveform that will be appearing. Presumably you are using an attenuator with the 28V to scale the voltage down for the device?

To do this:
  • Click Tools -> Alarms
  • In the Alarms dialog, select 'Capture' from the Event 'drop-down' list.
  • Click 'Add'
  • Choose to 'Save Current Buffer' from the 'Action' drop-down menu and set the file name & location.
  • Click 'OK', 'Apply', then 'OK' again.
Choosing the 'Save Current Buffer' option above will generate a number of individual files for each waveform in the buffer.

In PicoScope 6, go to Help -> User's Guide and search for Alarm in the Index tab for more detailed information on how to set up the Alarm feature.


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