Time-delay limited to 10x time/dev

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Time-delay limited to 10x time/dev

Post by cvon » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:43 pm


I have repetitive pulses which come every 80ms. The length of a pulse is approx. 2ms.
I would like to measure the jitter of the time difference from pulse to pulse.
I can do this by triggering to a pulse and set the scope to persitent mode. I then can see the jitter of the next pulse.
My challenge however is that I would like to see this jitter with as high a resolution as possible.
One possibility would be to set a low time/dev and then set the delay time to a high number so I can see the next pulse in the screen.
My problem however is that I can not set the delay time high enough. I have noticed that it's limited to 10x the time/dev (e.g. 1ms/dev limits the time delay to 10ms). Where does this delay limit come from? The memory of the scope?
I would like to set 250us/dev and then set the delay to 80ms.

I'm using the PicoScope 2205.
Is this a limitation of the 2205? Would a larger PicoScope help?

I hope you can help
Best regards

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Re: Time-delay limited to 10x time/dev

Post by ziko » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:48 am

Hi Christian,

This is a bug in the software which I have reported and it will be resolved in the next release, there is a 32 bit register that allows you to have a much longer delay.

Kind regards

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