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Application of e.g. ADC-100 in realtime control loops ?

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Application of e.g. ADC-100 in realtime control loops ?

Postby Haite » Mon Jun 14, 2004 3:01 pm


I'm looking for a simple solution to read the values of two analog signals into a NT workstation. These measurements are used to feed a (software) PID control loop driving a servo system. This loop is updated at 100 Hz and dead time /phase lag in the measurement stage, providing the feedback information, should reduced as much as possible.

The delay introduced by the data acquisition ( including software readout) should be less than (let's say) 10 milliseconds.
My questions are: Can an ADC-100 + drivers be used for this task ? What is the amount of latency introduced by the ADC-100 ? How simple can values be read out using Delphi ?

Best regards,
Haite van der Schaaf

Postby ricardo » Thu Jun 17, 2004 2:52 pm


Thank you for your enquiry. I think the ADC-100 would be suitable for your application, you should be able to stream data at a rate of 100ksps. There are delphi examples on our website which you can download together with the drivers,


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