ETS Mode on PicoScope3206B

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ETS Mode on PicoScope3206B

Post by Sakai » Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:16 am

I am one of the new user of PicoScope 3206B in Japan.
I have got it about a month ago. And it is my 4th oscilloscope, privately.
So at this point of time, I am trying to learn how to use it,
and also trying to understand the function and performance of it.
Start of all, I am trying to understand high frequency performance.
With ETS mode, using classic s-TTL, I wanted to try to check Tr,Tf of it.
Now, with a bit faster probe(texas-TX5430A 300MHz probe) Tr is almost
3nS and Tf is almost 2.3ns. they looks to be reasonable when I consider
the Tr/Tf of s-TTL. and waveform looks to be as I have expected.
I was so happy to see them.
However, Software (PicoScope 6 ver6.5.78.6 ... may be up-to-date one)
sometimes freezes. And, sometimes waveform looks to be very noisy on
ETS mode. In addition, sometimes waveform ends at about the half of the
screen. And start/stop button works strange.
PC that I used for test is Celeron 2GHz 1GByteMemory , WinXP SP3.
When I observe task manager, CPU is used 100% and PicoScope uses about
80% of them on ETS mode.

I have not observed such phenomenon except on ETS mode until now.
And, waveform sometimes not-noisy even of ETS mode, for just a save signal.
but, I need to re-start PicoScope 6 to escape from freeze or get good
waveform again.

So, I Hope to know how to solve such problems.

I can send *.psdata (including good ones)if needed, so please teach
me how to send them if I need to do so.

Thank you
S. Sakai

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Re: ETS Mode on PicoScope3206B

Post by ziko » Thu Jun 23, 2011 3:37 pm


Sorry to hear you are having problems, can you send more information about your waveform? Also can you send the psdata waveform if it is not too big? You might want to put it on an ftp link, actually better of emailing I can send you some details about our ftp link.

Kind regards

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Re: ETS Mode on PicoScope3206B

Post by Sakai » Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:00 pm

Dir Ziko

I had send some waveform by e-mail.
If you could not receive it, please let me know.

Thank you

Shinji Sakai

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