Data is not being recorded

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Data is not being recorded

Post by jean » Thu May 26, 2011 9:40 am


I am working with a PicoScope 6403 and I have the following problem:

- I set the program to record 500 waveforms and then I select from the menu the option which saves all the 500 waveforms in a *.mat format for Matlab.

- the program displays the progress bar and after all the waveforms are saved I try to open them in Matlab.

- My problem is that the first 50 waveforms contain just zeros and not the saved data, while on the disk the files accupy the same space as the files which contaion the real data.

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Re: Data is not being recorded

Post by hw_dev_80 » Tue May 31, 2011 1:20 pm

hi erveryone,
I think i have a similar Problem here..

Hardware is a picoscope 6402, Software is the latest Picoscope release.

I set up the scope to record up to 2000 sequences of about 2500 samples each and with all 4 channels active.This should result in about 20 Megasamples which fit easily into the internal 32Meg of memory.I set up the trigger to "repeat" mode.
Then I start the aquisition and the trigger-source at a rate of about 2Hz and erverything seems to be fine, as I can see the data appearing on screen with ervery trigger-event.
My trigger-source is stopped after the first 1395 events (more events to come later) and the Software also shows this value as number of aquired sequences.
Everything seems fine, but when I want to take a look at the data, the first 1000 sequences (sometimes more sometimes less) show only flatline signals, not even some LSB noise. The funny thing is that when I start the aquisition with trigger mode "none" or "auto" all frames seem to contain real-world data. Unfortunately those trigger modes ara of no use to me.
I tried to overcome the problem by using the alarm-capture feature and instantly save the buffers to harddisk and again averything seemed fine...until the complete sequence of 1395 trigger-events was repeated four or five times: It seemed as if with more files the destination folder the software needed an inreasing amount of time to save the data and as a consequence triggers were "lost"...

Any suggestions ?

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Re: Data is not being recorded

Post by ziko » Fri Jun 10, 2011 10:50 am

Hi Hendrik can you send a settings file?

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