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Software freeze Picolog

Post by filmus » Mon May 09, 2011 9:40 am

I use Picolog last version with RS232 TC08.
For a long time the software worked correctly on old PC (5 years old).
After I replaced the PC to new one, the software freezes after some time (it changes, 1hour, 3 hours, but no more).
The problem appeared on 2 different new PC's. I work with 500000 samples of 1 second.
The log save the data until the time of the freeze.
I need a solution fast.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Software freeze Picolog

Post by ziko » Tue May 10, 2011 10:50 am

Hi it could be that the serial port or USB to serial converter you are using is not providing enough voltage under load.

The TC-08 requires +/-7V to power it up under load. Some PCs that have serial ports have limited ones and some USB to serial converters are not as good as others. Whilst a USB to serial converter may work happily with a different product it does not necesseraly mean that it will work well with the serial TC-08.

This is the one we have tested an know it works:

Kind regards

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