Trig on Composite video

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Trig on Composite video

Post by Videotech » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:32 pm

I just got a new Picoscope 2205
I only want to see videosignal - Teletext line.
I need to trig on frame (20 mS) and use delay sweep to scrool to the Teletext line.
But I can´t get this unit to do this - I can only trig on line sync, and is is very unstable.
On my "good old scope" I have a TV TRIG - its work :-)
How to do ?

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Re: Trig on Composite video

Post by ziko » Wed May 04, 2011 2:04 pm

Hi we do not have TV specific triggers however we do have advanced triggers. Have you tried using these?

I don't know a huge amount about TV triggers but I have a TV generator that is 50Hz and I triggered on the new frame trigger using a pulse width trigger and then I used the Time-Delay Enable button. The time delay button will allow you to delay the signal up to 10 times the timebase.

The 2205 has not got a large memory so you will be limited to shorter timebase, you really need a larger memory device like a 32MS device, perhaps even a 4MS device might be sufficient. The new 3000A/B series might be more suited.

Hope this helps.

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