Newbie question on PicoScope 2104

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Newbie question on PicoScope 2104

Post by RE-Sandra » Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:34 pm

I just bought my PicoScope 2104, looking at the manual and specs I am worried I got the wrong product.
My main use for this product will be inspecting waveform on 120V 60Hz loads or source.
For example:
Diesel generator 120V 60Hz
Inverter, etc

Will the PicoScope 2104 work for this application?

Thank you for you help,

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Re: Newbie question on PicoScope 2104

Post by ziko » Tue May 03, 2011 3:44 pm

Hi the 2104 is not suited for this kind of application, none of our our products are suitable for measuring high voltages like this without any attenuation.

A better solution is to use the 2203 oscilloscope

To attenuate the signal safely you will need something like the TA041 differential oscilloscope probe. ... robes.html

Kind regards

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